Sunday, January 25, 2009

Domestic Saturday

Yesterday I spent the day (7:30am-5:30pm, with a short lunch and Blizzard break) helping some church friend's with their MASSIVE cooking day! They do their own once-a-month cooking thing, where they do it at their house and cook meals for months. I helped them out when I was living there last year and they decided it goes much quicker with three people, so they asked me to come back and help this time.

We made 19 meals, and the best part about it (besides the Blizzard), was that they sent me home with 27 (!) of my own meals! That'll definitely last me most of the way through the semester.

Haven't gotten to do any sampling yet, but we made:

*Veggie Noodle Ham Casserole *Chicken Fried Rice *Inside Out Ravioli *Turkey Barley Tomato Soup *Wet Tacos *Wendy's Chili *Chili Mac *Wild Rice Chicken Dinner *Chicken Barley Chili *Swiss Steak *Pulled Pork *Lazy Day Lasagna *Manicotti *Italian Meatloaves *Corn Chowder *Santa Few Stew *Salsafied Chicken and Rice *Michelle's Parmesean Chicken.


And here's a picture of my "goods" (well, not actually all of them... some were still flash-freezing outside [the ONE time below zero weather is sort of handy]).

Monday, January 12, 2009

Back in Duluth

I am back in the Arctic. 20 below tonight (without windchill), and staying down there for the next few days. But the 10 Day Forecast (It would be on your Favorites list, too, if you lived here!) says it will be a high of 36 next Monday. I am SO excited! "You know you live in the Northland when..." ... you look forward to 36 degree weather! They better not be pulling my leg!

Some random (albeit slightly depressing) notes:

*There is no greater feeling than arriving home. There is (just about) nothing worse than leaving home.
*As much as I think I am independent, I am afraid of being alone.
*I feel insecure when I'm away from home/my parents.
*My home (at home) epitomizes comfort and familiarity.

*I hope my car starts in the morning. (this note is not so deep)

You (Heather and Afton) can look forward to a more upbeat blog, hopefully sometime in the next week.