Sunday, September 13, 2009

I like to get the most bang for my buck. I unashamedly clip coupons. I have no problem "ad-picking" and going to multiple stores to get the best deal on all my weekly staples. I love freebies.

So I suppose I should be happy that my AAA membership has more than paid for itself. But I think I'd rather get "ripped off" paying that $55/year and NOT using it....

In the past nine months, I've had the opportunity to use my membership three times. Dead car battery. Locking the keys in Heather's car (Okay, that one was kind of funny). Flat tire on the side of Hwy 35.

That was the highlight of my day today. I'll admit it, I should probably know how to change a flat tire. However, considering I was on my way home from church and wearing a dress and sling-backs, there's a good chance I would have called AAA anyway. I'm one of "those" girls.

I suppose I have grown, matured, and been humbled by each of these experiences. Today, for instance, my first SOS call was made to AAA rather than home (I did have to stop myself mid-dial)... while AAA can be pokey, changing a tire remotely from Vancouver, WA would be far less effective.

Although it was an unpleasant and scary experience (cars zooming by at 75+ miles/hr!), I have much to be grateful for:

*This morning I randomly decided to replenish my Kleenex supply in my purse. Consequently, I was able to wipe away the dripping mascara and pretend I was calm, cool, and collected before the AAA man came
*I live in an era of cell phones.
*It was DAYLIGHT (it could have happened as I was driving home on county roads at 11pm last night)
*I have a AAA membership (thanks, Mom and Dad!)
*I decided to pee before I left church
*I was not eaten/mauled/attacked by a bear.
*It was 80-some degrees rather than 40 below.
*I lived to tell about it.

Now I just realized I was charged $70 at Cold Stone instead of $35 (gift card purchases, I promise - I'm not THAT much of an emotional eater).

Other than that, life is just great in Duluth! ;-)