Saturday, August 25, 2012

Thoughts from a Frantic Bride

Okay, so I'm not that frantic, but my mind, emotions, and (sometimes) body are definitely running in Turbo mode these days. 2 weeks to go! I'm super excited and mostly just looking forward to the big day. Fortunately, I haven't hit that "Let's just get this wedding over with!" attitude yet. As busy as things are, I am still enjoying taking care of the little wedding details. It would just be so much easier if that could be my 40-hour-a-week job!

An update on our lives, for those of you (makes sweeping gesture across audience) I have been delinquent in correspondance with:

*Kevin and I bought a house! It is in a Western suburb called Plymouth. It's a 3-bedroom, splint-level home built in 1973, with a new sunroom and mudroom addition. It is essentially move in ready, except for a growing list of projects we're coming up with. (By choice, not necessity). The most involved project will be gutting the kitchen and putting in our dream kitchen, stealing ideas from all the kitchens I've drooled over during our house search. As part of the counter-offering, we close on September 13th, the day after we return from our 3-night honeymoon. As romantic as moving that following weekend would have been (especially in the presence of parents, friends, etc.), we decided to postpone the big move until the following weekend. We might be crazy, but we're not that crazy.

*I found a sub-leaser for my apartment. They'll move in the end of September. This is a HUGE relief, as it will prevent us from having to pay a hefty penalty for breaking my lease. And prevent me from the guilt of breaking a "rule" (For shame, for shame!). I'm just not that kind of kid.

*Kevin's house is still for sale. Hutchinson is a charming little town if anyone is looking for a vacation home. 6-stall garage - the perfect man cave!

*Kevin is still looking for a job in the cities. He's had some interviews, but no word yet. Worst case scenario, he'll commute to Hutchinson - but a job's a job.

In the midst of a lot of uncertainty, we are trusting that all will unfold in due time, just as it's meant to be. Lately Kevin and I have been reflecting a lot (more than usual) on how far we've come in the last year. It's fun to exchange stories of last July and August, when the intrigue and attraction was far more mutual than either of us dared to think. Neither of us could have ever imagined things unfolding how they have, so who are we to try to imagine what the future holds?

I'm grateful to have a small group of family and friends from the PNW joining us at the wedding. I think it will be a wonderful, wonderful day, though we will certainly miss all of you who aren't able to make it.

Until Next Time,
Miss Jutila (but not for long)