Sunday, July 10, 2011


This weekend my quest for outdoor yoga led me to a new experience - a very interactive, vocal yoga class.

I will be using the very scientific elementary school grading scale of
X = Yay!
/ = Eh
(the dreaded blank square) = Nay.

[x] Despite ominous clouds, we were only hit by just a few light sprinkles
[x] I miraculously found 2 co-workers in the sea of hundreds of people to set up camp by
[x] Based on the amount of arm-quivering and child pose rests I had to take, I'd say it was a pretty good workout.
[x] It was free. And I found free parking. And a free public restroom.
[x] Amazing setting/view

[/] I was forced to go outside by bubble and make a new yogi friend by introducing yourself to someone new. Because I have such wonderful luck with the opposite sex, I found myself a bald, middle-aged, shirtless, sweaty man for our touchy-feely partner work. He was quite the gentleman, offering, "Do you want me to shirt up?!" Could I have honestly answerd "YES, your sweat repulses me"?

This wasn't me and Shweaty Man, but it could have been!

[Dreaded blank] Instructors asking us to whoop and holler and do yoga cheers.

Can't I just shavasana in peace?!

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Weekend Ramblings

While my parents are taking part in what sounds like the wedding of a century in Boca Grande, FL (even the name sounds grandiose), I am in the midst of another thrifty weekend.

Friday: 100+ degrees - hot, hot, hot. The perfect day for a pool party at our family friends. I brought Raspberry Pretzel Dessert , which was reportedly the "perfect dessert for a hot day!" ...but I think that was just an excuse for people to eat multiple servings.

In the evening I "kidnapped" Abbey from her parents' and we went and saw another $2 musical, H.M.S. Pinafore. It was excellent and we were in the 2nd row - close enough to see the actors' sweat and spit, both of which were plentiful.

On the way to the play we drove through what looked like a tornado but what turned out to be just very, very strong winds. There were even some people who took shelter underneath an overpass. I think it was probably because the MN Government shut down Friday so between that, the "dark" sky at 6:30pm and the strong winds, they were probably preparing for the end of the world.

Saturday: Explored a new Farmer's Market, went to a free Yoga by the lake class (GORGEOUS! My arms hurt today.), had lunch with my new Wish Granting partner, and signed up for a Minneapolis library card! When they guy asked if I'd ever had a card before I answered no, I realized I probably should have specified I hadn't had a card in *Minneapolis* before. Fortunately, he didn't start explaining, "Here we have lots of books you can borrow..." I did try to look as intelligent as possible for the remainder of the encounter to defer any thoughts of illiteracy.

This morning I had made/eaten/cleaned up Whole Wheat Oatmeal Banana Pancakes and fairly-deeply cleaned my apartment by... 8:15am. I spent a good chunk of the remainder of the morning/afternoon walking around my adopted neighborhood(s), choosing which house(s) I wanted to crash for 4th of July BBQs.

Tomorrow is set to be the quietest, dullest 4th of July in the history of Senia's life. We'll see what unfolds!

Happy Fourth of July!