Thursday, April 23, 2009

Relatively Random Ramblings

1) Yesterday, as I arrived at school, I was digging through my purse to get my cell phone. I had a flood of panic when I couldn't find it, realizing that I must have forgotten to put it in my purse after using it for my alarm clock the night before (cell phone use #1). My heart raced, my stomach churned, and my palms got sweaty (okay, that last part was an exaggeration). I considered going back home to get my phone, BUT, lest you think I am COMPLETELY cell phone dependent, I decided against this.

I quickly scanned through my "to do list" for the day, thinking of phone calls I needed to make (use #2- taking care of business. Legit!). What if Katie couldn't find me in the sea of people at the Reif Run and tried to call (Use #3- Preventing you from having to wander through a crowd aimlessly, looking for someone you're supposed to meet. Pretty legit)? What if my car broke down (use #4- S.O.S- very legit!)-- on the way home from school and --- oh, wait. I only live one mile from campus-- I'd probably be okay. I wouldn't be able to compulsively check my phone for missed calls, voice messages, or texts while I was in class (use #5 - lame!). And ... I might actually have to rely on a wall clock to tell time (Use #6- purposeful, but unneccesary).

After a little more digging, I found my phone, but only after I'd aroused enough panic to be ashamed of myself. I am truly a child of the 21st century.

2) Last night I put face wash in my hair while I was in the shower. I need a vacation.

3) One of the more satisfying parts of my day was following the facial nerve branches all the way to their origin in the styloid-mastoid foramen in the cadaver lab. I need a vacation (and some new hobbies).

4) I have been having ridiculous cravings for sweets and junk food (and, ashamedly, giving in far too often). Today the culprits were homemade sticky buns (I just ate a small piece, thank-you-very-much) and a Mint Oreo Blizzard (I ordered a small, even though my coupon was for a free medium, thank-you-very-much). I need a vacation. Or bigger pants.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

So I Don't Get Shut Down

My aunt Afton recently posted a threat on her blog to disown (in the blogging world, at least) two of her SISTERS if they didn't update their blog. As just her niece, I felt I could get the axe without any warning at all. So even though I don't feel I have anything too noteworthy to report, I thought I better say SOMETHING!

Easter Break is lovely. We had Thursday-Monday off from school and it has been so nice to relax. I came down to Minneapolis and am hanging out with good friends here. It is close to sixty today, if you can believe it, which feels absolutely amazing! We have been driving with the windows down, going for long walks, and showing some skin... forearms and elbows, that is. Thursday night we went bowling and I broke 100. It was pretty amazing -- definitely a game for the books. :-p (And, after complaining to everyone what a terrible bowler I was - which is usually true - I got a strike on my first turn. I of course followed it up with numerous gutter balls, just so I didn't make a liar out of myself). Tonight we have an Easter dinner and church. Lovely!

School is busy, but down to three weeks plus finals! London is quickly approaching -- one month from Tuesday. My parents will be here one month from now. So a lot of good things to look forward to!

Happy Easter, everyone! :-)