Saturday, October 29, 2011

Going back to my (Duluth) roots

I'm up in Duluth for a weekend of catching up with friends -- and eating. Because that's what social people do.

On a whim, I stopped by St. Scholastica on my way into town yesterday and visited a few of my OT professors and some other staff I worked closely with.

A few instances made me feel old/like I'd been away forever, such as...
-Trying to exit through a "door" that's now just a wall.
-Asking if a former co-worker was around and hearing, "No, she's still on her maternity leave." Huh? A lot can happen in 9+ months...
-Walking around campus with an absence of excessive stress.
-Reporting that life is good.

Being back in Duluth makes me think back on some good memories and appreciate some solid friendships I made during my time here. But most of all it makes me appreciate where I am now. I know I appreciate the "now" all the more because of all I experienced during my 4 years in Duluth - the good and the bad. For instance, there's (still)( nothing "good" about a wind chill factor - brr!

Monday, October 3, 2011

Monday Mumblings

Eh, I don't have any cohesive thoughts, so here are just a few random thoughts.

-It's pumpkin season! You Facebook-ers have already heard my ravings about Trader Joe's Pumpkin ice cream, which -- somehow -- I hadn't discovered until stumbling upon this weekend. It's sitting in my freezer now, and I'm resisting it... for now.

-Can't wait to start baking everything and everything pumpkin.

-I am going to squash school on Wednesday night (Speaking of orange, stringy produce with hard outer shells). That's my kind of school! This is also checking off one item on my bucket list: "Take a Cooking Class."

-Adrenaline -- what a rush! I just had a great one. And I don't have to run a marathon to get one, thank you very much. More news on cause of adrenaline rush will be revealed at a later date, as deemed appropriate.

-I had another, horribly unproductive day at work. And an incredibly productive cleaning spree at my apartment. So it's a wash (pun intended)!