Sunday, March 17, 2013

Here We Go!

An update on the kitchen project, for those of you who have been curious:

Last weekend I packed up the kitchen (I'm getting pretty good at packing after living in 9 different places in the last 7 years), then this weekend we gutted the kitchen, scraped the popcorn texture off the ceiling, vacuumed, sanded the ceiling, vacuumed, took out the laminate flooring, found 2 layers of classic 1970s linoleum, pulled up 2 layers of classic 1970s linoleum, vacuumed, scraped the floor, vacuumed. Did I mention we vacuumed? And Kevin did some other odds and ends that I don't understand. Wires? Phishing? Fishing? Better him than me.

Living in a construction zone is quite the feat for a germ-a-phobe such as myself, but I/we are surviving. We have a make-shift kitchen set-up in our front room, the fridge in another room (just a quick trip outside -- we're struggling to get above 20 degrees still -- through the garage and mud room since the kitchen is plastic/taped off), sink in the basement...We do have a freezer full of leftover food and are still managing to keep a fridge stocked with fruits and vegetables, so I really can't complain. Add to that a few bags of Easter candy, which we dug into early, and we're all set for a busy month or so!

It was a busy and productive weekend, and quite gratifying. I say that now, showered, sitting, breathing (relatively) dust-free air, and in clean clothes, although in the midst of tearing up the linoleum, I remember asking Kevin to remind me of ripping up linoleum when I'm in childbirth, just to see which I'd rather be doing. (Mothers, don't harass me for that comment. There's a good chance I'd jump at the chance to be back in Demo. It'll be interesting to see).

Kevin is a super hard-worker, so he keeps me going. I've learned all kinds of new things this weekend and have a few blisters and lots of sore muscles to show for it. Tomorrow I learn something new again when I start my first day at a high school, where I'll be working one day a week through the end of the school year, a contract placement through my current employers.

So lots of new things and a bit of instability, but we're hanging in there!

Thanks for checking in!

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Kat said...

can't wait to see the finished product senia!

Afton said...

Soon your makeshift kitchen will be a distant memory. Looking forward to the "after" pics. Enjoy that easter candy!