Sunday, March 31, 2013

Two Truths and a Lie

Truth: Apparently my Uncle Morris, who has worked in construction for many years, has a hypothesis for determining how long a project will take.


What you think it'll take, multiplied by two, plus 10%.

We have proven this hypothesis true.

The kitchen project is more or less (we'll go with less) on schedule. We've been very busy tackling both anticipated and unanticipated projects. I have learned that our kitchen is as complex as an onion, the floors at least. The more layers we peel off, the more we find and have to peel up. For all of you who think you have a clean house, have you checked your sub-sub-sub floor for dust bunnies?

Truth: My mother has a theory that when your husband sends you on a "simple" errand to "just buy this" or to just "have this done to the car," he cannot be trusted. Inevitably, the sales person will stray from the script you've rehearsed, making your handwritten shopping list from your husband worthless. They will not carry the screws you are looking for, and they will grill you on which drill bit you have and if it's the correct one, because the Phillips 2 bit will not work with this torq screw that uses a T20. You will sheepishly insert the self-defeating "All my husband told me..." They will likely roll their eyes at you. Not that I hold any ill feelings towards the sales man at Ace's Hardware on Winnetka Avenue.

Lie: I cannot operate a power drill.

It's a lie, it's a lie! Cause I can! I am a drilling machine and have sore forerms and blisters to prove it!

Well, time for the Easter bunny to do a few preparations. Happy Easter! :-)

[No pictures today. The pictures would be deceiving in that you wouldn't be able to see any progress (like shiny new appliances), and knowing how hard we've been working, my ego can't handle that.]

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Heather said...

Very funny! :) You are living out the construction/remodel process, and will have a beautiful kitchen for years to come to show for it!