Friday, April 26, 2013

I was holding out to have the next blog entry be a big unveiling with an "after" picture of our gleaming new kitchen but... it's still dusty and non-functional.  We are making progress but the finished product is still a few weeks out. At this point, I am very ready for it to be done. I am ready to have water access on the same floor, to be able to use a dishwasher, to have more than a 3x2 ft counter space, to be able to cook or bake something that requires more than 3 ingredients, and to plug in appliances to my heart's content without blowing a circuit. Oh -- and ready to have my husband and "us" back. I really shouldn't complain, as I think we've made the most of it and even managed to "entertain" with our make-shift kitchen (see below).

A few other tid bits...

We survived the 2 year Anniversary of Alison and Eleanor's deaths. April stirs up a lot of emotions and insecurities in me, but we made it through. Kevin, as usual, handled it remarkably well. We (coincidentally) ended up having a much-anticipated, 1-night Staycation on "The Anniversary." It was a perfectly relaxing, fun-filled day. We ate delicious foods all day, went to a yard and garden expo, went to a CSA fair and signed up for a veggie share (yipee!), stayed at a hotel, and escaped our work and worries. After months of being consumed by the kitchen project and other "stuff," it was so nice to have some quality one-on-one time together. Can't wait for the next one! :-)

My clinic just moved to a new building, so it's been a hectic few weeks of packing, moving, and now trying to find my way around a *much* larger building! My one day/week at the high school is going well, and it's been a nice change of pace.

My parents were here last week, my mom for a week and my dad for a long weekend. It was fabulous! My dad was able to help Kevin install the bamboo flooring (See?! Progress!) and my mom and I had plenty of girl time -- much needed. The house feels awfully empty with them gone, now. I'll hang on to those warm memories until we (hopefully) make a trip there over 4th of July.

Spring may finally have arrived, despite several snow storms in the last few weeks (which my parents even got in on!). A week ago we were shoveling out our driveway, and today/this weekend the forecast is into the 70s. Finally! Kevin's softball league starts soon, so that'll be our new Monday night routine.

This summer I'll be trying out a 3 day work week (10 hour days) which I am hoping will help me restore a little more balance and decrease some work-related anxiety I've been experiencing. We'll try it out this summer and see how things go. I hope to find some projects to work on, like prepping our bushels of veggies! :-)

If I haven't posted The Reveal in two weeks, send lots of chocolate. By then, I'll be needing it!


Afton said...

Hopefully July 4th? Hopefully? I've already got it on my calendar in ink. ;)

Senia said...

Have no fear, we booked our flights last weekend. Trace it over in Sharpie - July 4th it is!