Thursday, October 30, 2008

Random Thoughts

Reasons I should be happy:

*It was NICE out today. Like 63 degrees nice. Considering we've already had some below-freezing temperatures, this felt awfully nice!

*Gas is $2.29!!! Can you imagine if it fell below $2?!?!

*My internet is working again... not like it's supposed to, but I'm blogging, aren't I?

*Tomorrow is Friday... Girls' Weekend this weekend!

*I can wear my Halloween socks tomorrow and justify eating a few (or 20) pieces of candy.

Reasons I am not so happy:

*Twin A ditched/ruined girl's night be inviting her fiance and his obnoxious high school buddies over to carve pumpkins. There's a huge mess downstairs, and our girl's night was a flop. (Obnoxious = burping, chain-drinking beer, carving progressively "drunk" faces on their pumpkins, leaving the toilet seat up). I'd like to go to bed soon but there's an awful lot of noise!

*My internet is not working the way it's supposed to, and it'll probably self-combust any minute. Or some hacker is probably stealing my identity (I'm not so sure if it's our connection I'm hooked up to...)

*Tomorrow is Halloween, which means I will be tempted by candy all. day. long. And the next day, there will likely be leftover candy lingering about, which means I will be tempted by candy all. day. long.

*I am fleeing the house for the weekend (fortunately), but roommates and aforementioned fiance/obnoxious high school buddies are having a Halloween shindig at our house tomorrow night. I think a kegger will be making a guest appearance.

*I cringe slightly when I think about what shape the house will be in when I get back Sunday.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

My Not-So-Favorite Blizzard

... the Dairy Queen Royal Treat, not the weather. Minnesota weather isn't THAT insane.

I enjoy free things. And I enjoy creamy soft serve ice cream blended with a variety of sugar mix-ins. And I enjoy getting Happy Birthday e-mails from random companies. So I joined the Blizzard Fan Club.

Don't judge me!

Today my friend Lisa and I went and redeemed my "Buy One, Get One Free" birthday coupon. The closest DQ is the traditional, walk-up one where they only serve ice cream. Needless to say, they will be closing soon for the season. We brought our Blizzards back home to enjoy in the comfort of my nice, (semi) warm house.

Usually when ordering desserts I follow The Chocolate Rule. I'm sure I've missed out on many delicious desserts because of defaulting to chocolate, but it usually doesn't fail me. Today, however, I had already made up my mind that I was going to try the Pumpkin Pie Blizzard, which I've been seeing ads for on TV. While it's not chocolate, I am a fan of the seasonal pumpkin dessert.

I was a little disappointed. Not disappointed enough not to eat all of it, but it wasn't the pumpkin-intense dessert I had been anticipating for the last 10 days, since I got my birthday coupon in my inbox. (And yes, I really have been anticipating my Blizzard all this time. Obsessive? Perhaps.).

"Soft serve ice cream blended with chunks of real Pumpkin Pie?" Not quite. While there was a nice hint of pumpkin and nutmeg (even sprinkled on top- DQ is moving up in the world!), no where in my 12 oz cup did I find anything that even resembled a chunk of my Grandma Nelson's pumpkin pie. The chunks of "crust" -- while maybe attempting to replicate a graham cracker crust -- reminded me more of rye krisps, or some weird cracker I've had but couldn't put my finger on. OH- maybe those hard little "biscuits" you get on flights?

Perhaps my expectations were too high.

Or perhaps I'm overanalyzing my Blizzard.

Or perhaps it's a combination of these two AND that I should be doing homework instead.
^ ^ ^ ^ ^
Ding ding ding! Winner!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

21 Ways to Celebrate the Big 2-1 Without a Hangover

1. After cutting off the charcoal, eat the top layer of a chocolate caramel bar (along
with your high fiber cereal) for breakfast.
2. Instead of trying to be productive during short breaks at school, sit and chat with friends!
3. When working out, debate whether to type in "2-0" or "2-1." Round up and enjoy typing in
"2-1" for the first time.
4. Get beautiful flowers from your dear old Mom and Dad. Look at them often!
5. Enjoy everyone at school wishing you a Happy Birthday (thanks, Facebook!)
6. Bring treats to class. Just like in Kindergarten!
7. Enjoy birthday cake at work. ("Oh, you shouldn't have!")
8. Swear-off homework for the day.
9. Instead of doing homework, come home and watch "Ellen."
10. While watching "Ellen" (and not doing homework). waste time on Facebook. Blogs. Re-
check Facebook. Re-check Blogs. It is, afterall, your birthday!
11. See the sink overflowing with dirty dishes and decide to leave them for your roommates. It
is, afterall, your birthday!
12. Turn the thermostat up one degree, to a scorching 62. It is, afterall, your birthday!
13. Enjoy calls, e-mails, cards, and packages from family back home!
14. Go out to dinner with friends. Eat every last crumb of your meal. Go ahead- add another Splenda to that iced tea. Order one more free refill! It is, afterall, your birthday!
15. For your 3rd (out of 5!) dessert for the day, enjoy a few bites of your complimentary, 18. Strawberry Rhubarb Pie ala mode.
16. Have a big piece of Better Than Sex Cake that one of your roommates made for you,
open presents with roommates and laugh a lot!
17. Watch Grey's Anatomy and ER. Play Solitaire on your laptop during commercials.
18. The next morning, have Better Than Sex cake for breakfast. With a glass of skim milk.
Yesterday was, afterall, your birthday!
19. Spend a weekend with your brother and friends.
20. Enjoy a surprise party, complete with "Pin the nose on the Owl" and the dice game.
21. Eat several birthday cupcakes.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Burnt to a crisp

You know when you're roasting marshmallows and you have one that is just perfectly golden brown? You know it's going to be just how a marshmallow should be- toasted on the outside, gooey on the inside.

And then it catches on fire and you know have a piece of charcoal on your stick. You take a bite, thinking it will still be edible, and then pretend to enjoy the chalkiness of the charcoal.

Well, that happened to me tonight with Chocolate Caramel Bars I was making for my class for my birthday tomorrow. I knew our oven was unreliable, but... I got busy and let my bars cook a minute too long. They looked fine from the top, but upon further examination, I found that they were resting on a nice, chalky layer of charcoal.

Too embarassed to show up to school tomorrow empty handed or with a plate full of charcoal, I whipped up some no bake cookies... instead of studying for Neuroscience or going to bed.

No bake... should be safe. I hope.

(And family, this does not even compare to my "near failure" that was the chocolate trifle).

Sunday, October 12, 2008

If you give a college student a break...

...she'll probably connect to the internet.

Getting on the internet will remind her that she hasn't checked Facebook yet today. Thinking of how productive she was this weekend, she'll justify that she deserves a little break.

On Facebook, she'll find out that one of her friends has a blog. ... So she'll need to investigate and find the blog.

After she finds the blog, she'll want to read all of her friend's postings and will need to read all of the posts since June.

After reading her friend's blog, she'll realize how much she has in common with her friend and will wonder if she, too, could benefit from writing what's going on in her life for all to view.

So she'll decide to set up her own blog.